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All of the designs on this page are a 5x7 or 5x5 format. They can be double sided or you can use one side. Both come with envelopes. Double sided are printed on Card Stock - $1.89 each. When purchasing 100, they become $1.75 each; 150 - $1.65 each; 200 - $1.50
Single Sided Announcements come with envelopes as well & are printed on photo paper - $1.75/each. When purchasing 100 they will be $1.65/each; 150 - $1.50/each; 200-$1.20 each
Postcards are also an option to save on Stamps. $1.89/each; 100 $1.75/ 150 $1.65; 200 $1.50
Look for any sample in here that has the word "postcard."
You are also welcome to look at the senior announcement designs at
This will take you to the senior design templates at They have awesome designs! I will purchase the template & create your announcement! The pricing is the same as above for the 1 & 2 sided announcements. *Minimum Purchase of 25.

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