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All of the designs on this page are a 5x7 or 5x5 format. They can be double sided or you can use one side. Both come with envelopes. Double sided are printed on Card Stock - $1.99 each. When purchasing 100, they become $1.79 each; 150 - $1.65 each; 200 - $1.50
Single Sided Announcements come with envelopes as well & are printed on photo paper - $1.85/each. When purchasing 100 they will be $1.69/each; 150 - $1.50/each; 200-$1.20 each
Postcards are also an option to save on Stamps. $1.89/each; 100 $1.75/ 150 $1.65; 200 $1.50
Look for any sample in here that has the word "postcard."

*Minimum Purchase of 25.

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