Fun project with your own pictures!

April 01, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

     While I know there are many out there working their hearts out (in the medical field especially), there are many confined to their homes right now. We are so thankful to those who are doing all they can to combat this virus & help those who are sick!

     But, for those of you who have some extra time due to being confined at home right now, here is a fun project to work on with pictures of your children & family.  We all have pictures on our cell phones that we aren't doing anything with. Go through & pick out your favorites. Find a place in your home where you could display them.  

     I have a small wall in my home located between my living room & kitchen,  &  I filled it completely with canvas of my favorite pictures of my kids from over the years.  It makes me smile every time I walk past it! Why are we taking all these pictures if we rarely look at them or display them?

     I chose Black & white as this way it blends with my home which is neutral. Color would be great too, but can look busier depending on your decor.

     I do replace these with a Christmas wall at Christmas time that is all color though.

     Another idea would be to make a wall of not only your children, but of family in general. Great grandparents, Grandparents, yourself. Old pictures, new pictures, whatever you like.

     I feel that another good reason for doing this is that a printed picture will last much longer than the digital version. Many of us have pictures that we've been able to see of Great Grandparents that have been kept & passed down.  Great grandchildren may be able to see them if they are printed, but it is very unlikely that they will be seen if they are just left in the digital version, as technology changes so fast!

     A great company to order from online is  They are a sister company of one of my professional printing labs. The prices are inexpensive, the quality is good, they have all kinds of products to pick from & they ship fast!

    So get ambitious & start creating your wall!



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