Fun Photography Products!

May 04, 2020  •  4 Comments

     Many times, clients  have so many images that they love but are not sure how to display them all.

Besides the traditional prints & canvas there are so many other ways to display and use your portraits!


    Above is one of my favorites, as well as many of my clients favorite products!  These are called standout clusters.  Although you could achieve the same layout with canvas or framed prints, this wall cluster is made up of what are called standouts.  They are a little more affordable than canvas & very lightweight so that you are able to hang them with contact strips instead of putting nails in the wall!  The options are endless with this product!

     Metals are another great product. Metal gives the image a very modern, industrial look.  Great for any image, but definitely enhances sports images!

     Fine art acrylics are another modern looking product. Acrylic really makes the colors pop!


    Wall clings are a great product for a more casual relaxed look, such as in a child or teenagers room.  They simply cling to the wall, and peel off without hurting the paint!

     Two other products that I have found to be very popular are the accordian mini books and hard cover books.

The accordians are 3"x 4" with 12 images in them, or 4"x 5" with 8 images in them.  They can sit on a desk or be carried in a purse.  They are great brag books for parents & grandparents.  Many have found them to be great gifts to family members (including me)!

The Hard cover books, or albums, are a great way to print & keep all of your favorite images from a session.  These have become especially popular for senior clients.  They are usually purchased as a keepsake & something that can be put out & displayed at their open house so everyone can take a look at their favorite images from their senior session!  I created & purchased one for my son last year as well,  & now display it on a table in my home.

    Hope this gets you excited & gives you some ideas about how to use your portraits of your family!



Michelle Robertson(non-registered)
Your clients are so lucky that you offer all these beautiful products! It's so much better than just having a USB with pictures!
Samantha Mills(non-registered)
LOVE all these options. So many to chose from and ideas.
Such great product options! I think it is so important for everyone to get their pictures printed!
I never knew you could print wall clings! That’s such a cool idea!
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