What to wear for your portrait session

February 20, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

     So many people struggle with what to wear for their photo shoots.  Especially if siblings or a family is being photographed. It  can be overwhelming to try to put colors (even if they are just neutrals) together for everyone! 

     This is a question that I get asked a lot, so I thought I would share some information that might help:

      1.  Try to stick to mainly solids, especially if you are planning for a portrait with more than one person. With that being said, the key word is Mainly.   Having one family member wear a pattern will put things together & add interest to the portrait.

modern-family-photographermodern-family-photographer 2.  Try and match or blend with your background.  Don't get me wrong, you don't want to totally blend in, but it is a much more cohesive, put-together looking portrait when this can be achieved.

19571957 3.  Stick to roughly 3 (maybe 4) colors or hues. Remember a neutral, tan, gray, brown, cream, white or black is a color. The shade you go with & how light or dark the clothing is needs too be taken into consideration as well. This too, will help with the cohesiveness & overall look of the portrait. rustic-family-portraitrustic-family-portrait 4.  Lastly, If you are being photographed on a lighter background, go with lighter clothing. Darker clothing looks best on a darker background. Just one more thing that plays into the overall look of your picture!


    *I hope this has been helpful.  In order to envision what colors & hues  look like together, I have put together  pinterest boards.  Below, you will see there are different boards depending on what type of shoot you have planned. (I used them when I had my family pictures done as well LOL)!

Here are the links where you can go & view different color palettes together:



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